Kids & Canvases is an extension of First Coast Paint Parties LLC.  We provide both public & private paint parties for both children and adults of all ages. We are bringing communities together 1 canvas & 1 party at a time. COME PAINT WITH US OR LET US BRING THE PARTY TO YOU!

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What is First Coast Paint Parties?
First Paint Parties LLC plan & promote various themed paint parties for all ages.  We have different themes for all ages, all races, all religious beliefs and for ANY OCCASION. You can join us at one of our scheduled events OR you can order canvases from us and have your own paint party. WE WILL DELIVER EVERYTHING YOU NEED. 
Keep checking our website for a themed paint party that fits you!

What to expect?
Expect First Coast Paint Parties to take you down memory lane while spinning a mixture the latest hits. (Genres will depend on the theme of the scheduled event. )Expect a great time & positive vibes at themed events.

What Does First Coast Paint Parties provide?
Themed Canvases & Art Supplies are provided for those that want to paint. YES WE DELIVER

What if I want to PAINT-N-PLAY?

If you choose to book a Paint-N-Play Event: We will provide various games such as Spades, Tunk, Uno, Connect 4, Twister, Musical Chairs Hungry Hungry Hippos, Trouble, Sorry & more. 

Who would enjoy an event hosted by First Coast Paint Parties?
Anyone ​can attend our themed Parties.
Simply review the event's theme and details for each event. Next select the event that best fits your lifestyle. You can also book your own private party.


My daughter really enjoyed her painting experience! Her unicorn painting was really pretty when she finished! 

Best wishes for much success!

Love, Kate


My two boys attended one of your paint parties. They are still bragging about the PJ Mask paintings that they did lol



This is such a great idea for a birthday party! My daughter will turn 6 next month. She just loves Jojo Siwa and I see you have that painting available!  I'll be contacting you soon!